Caribbean Canadian Artistic Stars Inc

Who We Are

Caribbean Canadian Artistic Star Inc. (CCAS Inc.) is a multi-service community-based organization with a strong focus on Community, Integration, Culture, Art & Sport development through resident engagement, capacity building and anti-oppression. For over 11 years, the organization has been strategically building the health and well-being of Jane & Finch in collaboration with residents, community leaders, community groups, organizations and partners from within the local community and beyond.

Dance to Inspire

CCAS INC. exists to "dance to inspire" and this is done one performance at a time.

What We Do

We constantly finds ways to inspire: our artists, the community and audiences; supporting them to achieve great things by shaping leaders of tomorrow through a safe environment allowiing each participant the ability to learn, grow and share artistically.


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Caribbean Canadian Artistic Stars Inc.

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